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The are opportunities to teach English in most countries worldwide. Choose from short-term Summer and Winter contracts or long term (usually 12 month) contracts. i-TEFL provides extensive job search guidance for course participants. This includes introductions to our partner schools around the world, our job board and our facebook page which our job researchers update regularly. 

Where can I teach? 

Non-English Speaking Countries

With our introductory certificate and Cambridge TKT certificate you will be eligible to teach in most non-English speaking countries around the world such as all through Asia, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe and at some schools in Western Europe too.

English-Speaking Countries

For paid work in English-speaking countries you will need to complete a full qualification. In Australia the CERT IV in TESOL is popular and recognised by accrediting bodies. You will find work in mostly private language schools and colleges. If you wish to work with migrants and refugees check in each specific English-speaking country as to the specific qualifications and requirements as these usually differ from private language schools.   

Non-EU Citizens

Western European countries can be restrictive sometimes without an EU passport. i-TEFL has partner schools who offer summer camps in Italy, Spain and France with access to jobs for non-EU citizens as well as EU citizens. Once registered for a course, you will gain access to these jobs. 

Job Board

i-TEFL's job board will give you access to jobs with reputable schools. Exampes of where you could end up include South Korea, Japan, Taiwain, Brazil, Italy, Spain and France, to name just a few. Once you have completed our TEFL course you will be able to apply for these positions.


i-TEFL will provide you with the best industry websites to search for your own job.


i-TEFL's research team continually browse the websites and post up interesting, unique and fantastic job opportunities around the world on our facebook page. Click 'like' to get these in your newsfeeds.