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Frequently Asked Questions - Jobs

FAQs - Jobs

This will depend on the certificate level you have achieved.  

Introductory TEFL and Cambridge TKT: Non-English speaking countries.

Jobs can be found throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Jobs will be mostly conversational English teaching jobs. There are many available and we provide job placements.  

CERT IV in TESOL: Worldwide

You will be eligible to apply for jobs advertised worldwide including English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, U.K. etc. Visa restrictions may apply. Check visa FAQs for details.


There are plenty of jobs not requiring a university degree. However, some governments do require a University degree in any field for the school to sponsor your visa.

Only a few countries have this requirement but here are some options if you do not have a university degree...

  1. Choose another country to live and teach in.
  2. Get your own working holiday visa for that country if you meet the age requirement and then schools don't need to sponsor your visa so a university degree is not needed.
  3. Enrol in study with a student visa and you can teach around 20 hours a week which is almost full-time (25 hours a week).