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Frequently Asked Questions - TEFL / TESOL Courses

FAQs - TEFL / TESOL Courses

These acronyms are used interchangeably worldwide and all are accepted by schools.

TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TESL: Teaching English as a Second Language

TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Australia and North America: Typically TESOL is used in the industry.

U.K. and Europe: TEFL is mostly used in the industry.

Non-English speaking Countries: All acronyms are used and accepted. 

Certificates: It is not important what acronym is on your certificate as in all countries schools will look at the length and content of your course and are not concerned by the acronym. 

Yes, absolutely! There are many jobs available, mostly conversational English teaching jobs, that you can apply for with the Introductory TEFL Certificate. We provide job guidance on the course and you can access our job placements and get started applying for jobs!  

This is a great kickstarter course to get a taste of TEFL and build some experience teaching abroad. 

You will need more than our 100 hour course to teach in Australia. We recommend completing a CERT IV in TESOL, the Australian Government accredited course.


If you intend to teach migrants and refugees in a paid position, check with the institution you are interested in first as they will most likely have different qualification requirements than the regular ESL language schools.  



Via Email

You will receive your certificate via email in PDF format for the 
Introductory TEFL, Grammar Awareness and Cambridge TKT course.

Via Post

Cambridge University TKT Exam: If you sit this exam at a Cambridge exam centre, the centre will post your Cambridge certificate to you.